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We’re the new VoIP tree connecting you to the world through international calls. Our services help Businesses promote their products and services worldwide with a single call by assisting BPOs (Call Centers, customer care centers, Telemarketing firms …etc.) perform better and faster.

Take your customers

From hello to WOW.

Ever felt like you need two of you in order to really give your new customers the white glove treatment they deserve?

Now you can! 

When someone joins your SMS list or calls your business phone, they can automatically receive text messages like appointment reminders, exclusive invitations, member-only rewards, motivational tips, special discount codes, and more. 

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You don’t have to be a big business to sound like one. Truvi Sorytel gives small businesses a big voice.

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Save time and effort by putting your phone to work as your most valuable asset.

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with our all-in-one cloud phone system and SMS marketing platform. 

Expand brand awareness  
Reach your community  
Grow your business  
Encourage brand loyalty 
Drive revenue  
from the palm of your hand.

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Become a Truvisory Telecom Partner and represent or white-label our SMS marketing platform today. Imagine….our 15+ years of technology experience with your brand on it. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes reap the benefits of text message marketing and voice automation. Want to see if you qualify for our partner program?

Is EMAIL MARKETING still your #1 tool for customer communications?

Did you know SMS gives you a...

•  209% better response rate than email
•  98% open rate versus 20% with email
•  90 second response time versus 90 minutes

Say goodby to having your messages sent to spam and hello to being seen and heard!

Truvisory Telecom Partner is dedicated to innovating AI-powered solutions that give small businesses a big voice.

Thousands of Integrations Made Possible By Zapier

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